"It's all about confidence. The whole world revolves around confidence."

Joe Maddon, Manager, 2008 AL Champion Tampa Bay Rays

"FREE Yourself from Fear, Doubt, and Frustration and Feel Unstoppable Confidence... Any Time You Want!"

You Can Quickly and Easily Overcome the Failure, Frustration, and Disappointment Baseball Spits at You Each Day and Instead Play With Confidence and Freedom

 (It's actually not that hard... if you have the right tools.)


Dr. Tom Hanson -- Baseball "Freedom Fighter"

"Free Your Mind, and the Stats will Follow"

Dear Baseball Player, Coach or Parent:


Heads-Up Baseball

 Dr. Tom Hanson, is co-author of the best-selling book "Heads-Up Baseball: Playing the Game One Pitch at a Time"

Confidence and focus determine your success on a given day, but can you train yourself to be mentally tough?

I'm Dr. Tom Hanson and for the last 27 years I've studied, coached and consulted with some of the best players, coaches and teams of all-time.

I've developed amazingly powerful tools for developing confidence and focus and the ability to overcome failure quickly and easily.

To get you to "first base" with mental training, I give away a lot of material.

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"Baseball Confidence 101: How to Make Consistently Playing with Unstoppable Confidence as Easy as ABC"

If you don't train for confidence you...

Play great in practice but choke in games

Get stuck in a negative spiral when you fail --

Lack the consistency you need to succeed at the next level

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 The mental part of baseball is just like the physical part: you improve through practice and conditioning.

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"Baseball Confidence 201"

This program is my pride and joy. 

Here, Royals LF Scott Podsednick disucsses the importance of the mental game... and demonstrates why "Baseball Confidence 201" is such a powerful program.


I call 201 "The Liberator" because it frees you of the fear, doubt, frustration and anger that cripples your performance and robs you of playing the baseball of your dreams.

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"Coaching the Mental Game"  

Coach, you know the mental game is important, but until now you haven't had a step-by-step program for developing this part of the game.

I've been helping teams like the Yankees, Rangers, Angels, Twins, and many top college teams play with confidence, focus, consistency and composure under pressure for 25 years (I co-authored "Heads-Up Baseball: How to Play the Game One Pitch at a Time" that has sold over 65,000 copies world wide.)

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"Winning the Mental Game of Youth Baseball" 

It's agonizing to watch a little league baseball player, especially your son, suffer from a lack of confidence. Baseball can be cruel -- stikeouts, errors and losing can all rob a child of fun and learning.

My program, "Winning the Mental Game of Youth Baseball: How to Coach, Parent and Play with Confidence, Focus, Consistency, and Emotional Control" enables you to help young players:

1) Have more fun

2) Play great, and

3) Learn life success skills -- ideas and tools that will enhance your child's entire life, not just baseball performance.

If you coach or parent youth baseball or Little League Baseball players, please grab this free program.

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"Yips Be Gone!" -- Eliminate the Baseball Throwing Problem  

Knoblaugh. Ankiel. Sax.

It happens to the best of them.

Now the "throwing problem" is not such a big problem. I've helped many players go from dreading throwing to throwing fear-free again.

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Why Listen to Dr. Tom Hanson?

I've worked full-time with the New York Yankees, consulted for years with the Texas Rangers, wrote the 65,000 copy selling "Heads-Up Baseball," and was a college coach for 12 years. More about me here.

Heads-Up Baseball

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"We made significant improvements in significant areas in 2001 throughout our player development system, and Tom played a big part in our doing so.

" I recommend you let him do the same for you."

Mark Newman
Vice-President of Player Development
New York Yankees 

"Keep the great email coaching seminars coming. Not only do we use them as board material, but we discuss the articles with our players at our weekly "mental meeting" Thanks!
Brett Merritt
Assistant Baseball Coach
New Mexico Military Institute